Unique / Healthy Seedlings

Pepper Seedling

Growing seedlings takes the basis of pepper cultivation.

Watermelon Seedling

Watermelon is a summer vegetable known as appetizing and refreshing.

Tomato Seedling

Tomato is a type of plant that grows in warm and hot climates.

Eggplant Seedling

The seedlings are grown in a separate area until the eggplant is planted in their original place.
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Abundant Harvest, High Profit

Production of a wide variety of vegetable seedlings and grafted vegetable seedlings required by the sector in Turkey is carried out by our professional team. With the production of healthy seedlings, the first and most important step of durable and abundant harvest is taken. It produces the healthy and high yielding vegetable seedlings required for the producer to obtain quality products.

Pumpkin Seedling

Although pumpkins are not very picky in terms of soil demand, they do not like very heavy and sandy soils. The best crops and seeds are obtained in deep, permeable, well water-holding, loamy soils rich in organic and mineral substances.

Basil Plant

Basil, which adorns the gardens with its fragrant scent, is a source of healing for many diseases. It is a medicinal plant that is very beneficial for our health, whether it is used as green or dried.

Cucumber Seedling

In order for the plant to take root well in the soil at the beginning, dewatering should not be done after the first watering (life water). Otherwise, the upper plant may be stressed and try to root into the stem, so plant loss may occur.

White Cabbage

The soil where white cabbage seeds will be planted is plowed at a depth of 25 to 30 cm. In the spring, it is processed at a depth of 5 to 10 cm and leveled with a harrow and disc harrow.

Lettuce Seedlings

It is suitable for aquaculture in every period. The plant is strong, the leaves are light green in color. It is an attractive variety with its bright appearance. It has a large appearance due to the large number of leaves.

Melon Seedling

Melon is an annual plant. Its stem is a hairy plant. Its body is hairy, its arms are wrapping and its leaves are 5-lobed. The melon plant has two types of flowers. These are male flowers and female flowers or erselic flowers.


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