Matters to be considered in planting vegetable seedlings;

Planting the seedlings in the ground should be done after the frosts have passed,
Attention should be paid to the annealing of the soil, for this the soil that has been processed and made ready for planting should be lightly watered a few days before planting.
Seedlings must be watered before planting in the ground,
Seedlings should be held close to the leaf, not from their root necks,
In tomato cultivation, the spacing between rows and on the rows varies according to the pole or ground type of the variety, its growth and spreading force, and also soil conditions. In general, the spacing between the rows should be 80-125 cm for ground tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and other vegetables, 80-120 cm for in-row tomatoes, 60 cm for ground varieties, and 50 cm for pole varieties. Growers should plant the seedlings preferably on the prepared sets in the north-south direction.
Planting should be done early in the morning or in the cool of the evening. Planting should not be done during hot hours.
In planting, care should be taken to keep the first (cotyledon) leaves of the seedlings above the ground and the root collar of the seedling should be at most 1 cm. It should be covered with soil without compacting lightly and should be given light life water after all planting processes.
Fully rounded fruit with abundant leaves, no sunburn, very productive fruit and perfect color. 200-250gr full round fruit production at the same time suitable for drip irrigation.

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