The Genoese perennial arugula is the most brazen variety compared to its sisters. Perhaps the north-west Italian coast, where it receives the humid and warm Mediterranean winds, caused it to develop and multiply rapidly in the fertile Mediterranean lands. The edges of the vertically developing leaves are deeply serrated, fleshy and dark green in color. The species, which is resistant to frost, extreme heat and drought like other perennial arugula, is suitable for growing as a leafy green.

Buy seeds every year, sow, grow and repeat season. However, arugula is a very popular and healthy green in Turkish cuisine, which is not missing from our table, consumed every season.

Well, if we say that arugula is a plant that grows naturally in many places in Anatolia and that it is a perennial herb. Here, we have prepared a series of those wild varieties suitable for salad and green fresh consumption for you this season. We wanted to have a non-hybrid, permanent Arugula that re-plants the leaves you collect with scissors in a corner of your vegetable bed or in a large pot, without replanting every year. Let it decorate your salads and tables with its real spicy taste.

It’s time to plant arugula this season, and maybe for the last time. Because our frost-resistant perennial arugula has been carefully selected for you from both Anatolian and fertile Mediterranean countries that stand out with their cuisines.

The traditional variety is not a hybrid, and the flowers that will open at the end of the season will form seed sacs. With the seeds you buy from here, you can grow the same quality product again. Non-hybrid seeds are delicious compared to market varieties; They adapt easily to natural conditions. Moreover, they are more resistant to diseases.

Yorumunu Gönder