While obtaining lettuce seedlings, lettuce seeds are germinated. Lettuce is preferred for planting seeds in autumn, summer and spring, or it is grown in a greenhouse at any time of the year. In order to germinate lettuce seeds, it is necessary to put peat in a crate and place the seeds.

• It is suitable for aquaculture in all seasons.
• Its plant is strong, its leaves are light green.
• It is an attractive variety with its bright appearance.
• It has a large appearance due to the large number of leaves.
• Leaf margins are extremely curly.
• Resistant to getting stuck.
• Due to its flexible leaf structure, it does not break during harvesting and washing.
• It preserves the leaf quality for a long time, has a long shelf life.
• It has high tolerance to leaf tip blight.
• It is delicious with its juicy and crunchy texture.
• It is suitable for greenhouse, low tunnel and field production.
• The number of plants to be planted per decare is between 5500-7000.

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