Growing seedlings takes the basis of pepper cultivation. Although pepper is produced by direct seed sowing in the field, this is a time-consuming task. In this respect, it has become a custom to grow the seedlings first and then plant the seedlings in the growing place. Growing seedlings is carried out in warm, warm pillows or in a greenhouse.

To obtain 1000 healthy seedlings, 8 g of seeds are planted per 1 square meter. Seeds are sown one by one at a distance of 10 cm between rows and at a distance of 1-2 cm in rows. Depth is 1-3 cm. The seeds are covered and watered. Between 5-10 days, the plants emerge on the soil. When the seedlings have 1-2 true leaves, they are diluted to 4-6 cm and removed to be planted in their original places when they are 7-8 leaves. 1-2 days before removal, the pillow is watered. The soil between and over the rows is cut and the roots of the seedlings are taken with the seedling shovel before the soil is spilled and the roots are loosened and put in the crates.

It is carefully transported to the planting site. Then it is planted in the opened pits. Pepper seedlings don’t like surprises. In this respect, care should be taken during the removal and planting of the seedlings. In this regard, in recent years, various pots have been used both in pillows and in greenhouses while producing seedlings.

The diameter of the pots is 7-10 cm. 2-3 seeds are planted in each pot. A healthy seedling is left when the plants are on the soil and have 1-2 leaves, and the others are destroyed by cutting. Thus, one plant remains in each pot.

Yorumunu Gönder