Health-friendly, eye-catching red cabbage…
It appeals to the eye first with its vital color, then with its flavor. Moreover, it is the guarantee of your brain, your heart, in short, your health. Do not deprive yourself of this vegetable. How is it grown?

It needs low temperature for a while to bloom.
It is a cool climate vegetable. The highest quality production is made in the autumn-winter periods.
The optimum temperature is between 15-20 degrees. * With a pH of 6-6.5, rich in organic matter, moist, loamy, sandy-loam soil is ideal.
Do not grow in the same soil on top of each other. Be sure to change the soil.
You can sow the seeds from May to August.
2-5 gr per square meter. You can leave seeds.
Prepare seed pads and 15 cm. at intervals, plant in the drop lines. The depth of the lines is about 2.5-3 cm. should be.
Be sure to water the lines before planting. * Depending on the temperature, germination takes place within 1 week at the earliest and within 15 days at the latest.
Planting can be done from June to August.
Adjust the planting spacing according to the head size. Starts small and stays small.
loves water.

Water regularly.

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