How Should We Prepare the Soil We Will Plant White Head Cabbage Seeds?

The soil where white cabbage seeds will be planted is plowed at a depth of 25 to 30 cm. In the spring, it is processed at a depth of 5 to 10 cm and leveled with a harrow and disc harrow.

In Which Months Should We Sow White Head Cabbage Seed?

Sowing of white cabbage seed starts in the months between spring and autumn.

Sowing Depth:
0.5-1 cm.
In-Row Sowing Distance:
35-55 cm.
Sowing Distance Between Rows:
60-90 cm.
Estimated Germination Day:
20-25 Days

The Importance of Irrigation in White Head Cabbage Farming

As with other edible vegetables, irrigation is of great importance in cabbage. When adequate irrigation is not done, plant development cannot be done well, and quality and yield decrease. Therefore, irrigation should be done at regular intervals in white head cabbage cultivation.

Which Fertilizer Types Should We Use in White Head Cabbage Cultivation?

In the autumn months, 3 to 4 tons of burned barn manure should be applied to the land where white cabbage will be grown. It is given as 40 to 50 kg per decare of nitrogen fertilizer, 40 to 50 kg per decare of phosphorus fertilizer, 20 to 30 kg per decare of potassium fertilizer.

Yield and Harvest in White Head Cabbage Cultivation

Depending on the climate and soil conditions, it is harvested in 3 to 3.5 months. In white head cabbage cultivation, 4 to 6 tons of yield can be obtained per decare.

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