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Ay Fide

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Should You?

As Ay Fide, our company still continues its service in seedling production under the leadership of our founder Hayati Özer without compromising its quality. It continues to produce seedlings in our modern greenhouse. Our opportunities to respond to the amount of seedlings needed by the sector are increasing day by day. We rely primarily on our experience in seedling production, and the reflection of the healthy seedlings grown on the crops gives us a justified pride.

Why Is That

Seedling Production

Should It Be Preferred

Production with seedlings is preferred because of the benefits it provides in cultivation in large areas. If we list these benefits;
Prevention of seed consumption,
Soil conditions are not suitable for planting,
Protection from low temperature risks in spring for summer vegetables,
Providing earliness in production,
There are many benefits of seedling production, such as low and irregular growth becoming high and regular.

Always do the best you can. What you sow now, you will reap in the future.



This Production

To You Our Customers

Its Benefits.

The high rate of seedlings planted in greenhouse and open field,
Minimizing seed consumption,
Ensuring early
Regular plant growth
Harvest time is the same.

Ay Fide

For You to Prefer

A Few Reasons;

Correct use of seeds
Seedlings produced with fertile soil and peat are more durable,
Follow up at every moment of the production with our engineers and an expert staff,
Keeping in constant communication, informing about the state of production,
Having the necessary infrastructure ready for the most suitable conditions,
Preparing the conditions for abundant harvest in a short time…